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UPPER CLASS DETAILING (UCD) is the finest & constantly evolving detailing company based in Ottawa, ON Canada.

Over the course of the past few years, we have pioneered the introduction of new products to the local market that are exclusively used by us.

We are the only company that has the most extensive experience in Nano Glass Paint Coating installations ….. from the world’s most exclusive – C.Quartz FINEST coating – to the most popular – OPT Gloss-Coat – coating.

Most experienced – by volume & quality – paint coatings installer in Ottawa

Besides offering these Nano Coatings, we have the knowledge, experience, and the latest European made tools to transform your vehicle’s paint appearance to a mirror like finish by doing a Paint Correction.  

Paint Correction + Paint Coating
Stunning Results

In short, we will continue to lead the automotive care and prevention protection market in Ottawa. So give us a call to have an educated and constructive conversation. 

The Three Pillars


The first step to the perfect paint finish is to restore it. In most cases to achieve this, a multi-stage paint correction is necessary. However, depending on the softness or hardness of the clear coat, a 1-stage paint correction may yield significant satisfactory results.

If your vehicle is well taken care of and doesn’t need a paint correction, you still need to perform – twice a year – a decontamination detail.

Leaving the paint contaminated may result in the lack of gloss, slickness, rough like sandpaper surface, rust spots, etc.


Whether your vehicle is new or pre-owned, proper protection needs to be applied to all exterior surfaces such as paint, plastic & rubber trim, and head/taillights.

At UCD, we offer the latest technology in paint protection. From OPT Gloss-Coat, C.Quartz Nano-TiO2 to the world’s finest glass coating, the C.Quartz FINEST.

Nevertheless, if you prefer the old school protection, we still offer Zymol wax.


Maintanance is key in keeping the exterior in top condition. Proper washing techniques combined with boutique car care products will make sure the finish stays flawless.

If your vehicle is Nano Ceramic coated, maintenance is greatly reduced as you don’t have to apply a wax/sealant every month.

In addition, nano coatings provide better “self-cleaning” properties so washing is easier and less frequent.


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If you are still not sure if you should schedule an appointment with us, please check out our Google+ page for reviews and pictures of our work.

We are the most reviewed detailing studio in Ottawa; with the most outstanding record – 5/5 stars – in both customer service and quality workmanship.

Had great experience with Upper Class, very professional and thorough. After seeing such a great job with the Enhanced Detail, I brought another two vehicles in for cleaning. Also likely to return after winter for more work…..

– Louis Yam

Without a doubt, Upper Class Detailing is above the rest! Vlad is very knowledgeable, flexible and pays attention to every little detail. You can tell that he really cares about making the customer happy and doing the best job possible…..

– Chris Karadakis

Vlad is incredibly professional and knowledgeable. I had some very thick salt build up on the floors of my vehicle. He miraculously was able to get them like new. The car looked like it just rolled off the dealership lot…..

– Jason R

I just bought a 2014 Tesla Model S and wanted to have Opti-coat Pro and SunTek film applied on it. Vlad is a really nice guy and very professional. You just feel comfortable right away dealing with him…..

– Khalid AlHomoud

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