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Upper Class Detailing is an auto protection & enhancement atelier for clients that demand quality, clear communication, prompt customer service, and where work gets done in a timely manner, but not rushed. This has been our philosophy since being established in 2010.

We are not a high volume “car wash” or “give me a deal” shop or a self-proclaimed “best detailer”. We are a highly specialized atelier that caters to auto enthusiasts that value their vehicles and believe in “you get what you pay for”.

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UPPER CLASS DETAILING is Ottawa’s experts in Paint Protection Film (PPF)/Clear bra; paint correction; window tinting, and ceramic paint coatings installations.

We are the ONLY shop in Ottawa that has the most extensive experience in Nano Ceramic Paint Coating installations which began in 2010.

WE NEVER STAY STILL. Since day one, we’ve been constantly evolving to a bigger and better auto protection & enhancement atelier. We have pioneered the introduction of new products to the local market that are exclusively used by us.

OUR MISSION is to continue to lead the automotive care, prevention, and protection market in Ottawa. Give us a call or stop by for an educated and constructive conversation.

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The first step to the perfect paint finish is to restore it. In most cases to achieve this, a multi-stage paint correction is necessary. However, depending on the softness or hardness of the clear coat, a 1-stage paint correction may yield significant satisfactory results. If your vehicle is well taken care of and doesn’t need a paint correction, you still need to perform – twice a year – a decontamination detail. Leaving the paint contaminated may result in the lack of gloss, slickness, rough like sandpaper surface, rust spots, etc.


Whether your vehicle is new or pre-owned, proper protection needs to be applied to all exterior surfaces such as paint, plastic & rubber trim, and head/taillights. At UCD, we offer the latest technology in paint protection coatings such as, GTechniq. It offers an unbelievable chemical resistance that is suitable for our climate. In addition, the coatings’ super hydrophobic properties don’t wear off within months unlike other coatings.


Maintenance is key in keeping the exterior in top condition. Proper washing techniques combined with premium car care products will ensure the finish stays flawless. If your vehicle is Nano Ceramic coated, maintenance is greatly reduced as you don’t have to apply a wax/sealant every month. In addition, Nano coatings provide better “self-cleaning” properties so washing is easier and less frequent.