servfaces coat ultima 9h – years of German know-how in one bottle

About Servfaces coat ultima

Coat Ultima by HSH-Technology is the hardest Hybrid-Si02-Polymer coating from the ServFaces product range.

The product – originally developed for industrial use – was designed to optimally and permanently protect painted surfaces. The molecular-matrix-structure of the product forms a very thin non-stick coating, which is highly resilient and hard. The product adheres directly to the paint at a molecule level that forms a thin, anti-adhesion protective layer which improves the surface’s dirt repellency.

The surface increases in hardness by approximately 60 – 65%, providing an unparalleled protection for modern water-based paints. By installing Coat Ultima, it’s a simple and effective way of protecting the paint from damage, such as salt, acids, oxidation and insect residue. Coat Ultima also protects against corrosive and acidic products in the pH range of 3 – 12. The gloss guarantee is ~5 years. 

ServFaces Coat Ultima is long-term stable and can not be removed by the use of strong chemicals/cleaners. Only abrasives can destroy the coating.

  • Specifications
    • Type: Hybrid Quartz Polymer
    • Advanced Fluorocarbon composite
    • Thickness: 2+ microns (2 layers)
    • Resistant to detergents: 3 to 12pH
    • Contact angle: 120°
    • Temp resistance: -50°C to 890°C
    • Durability: up to 5 years
  • Features
    • The “wet” look that lasts for years
    • Extreme UV protection
    • Blocks oxidation and weathering
    • Industry leading self-cleaning affect (stays clean longer)
    • Resistance to oil and water stains and marks
    • Resistance to brake dust and iron contaminants
    • Resistance to bugs, tar, iron, dust, dirt, & bird bombs
Application Process
  • Wheels (including inner barrels) & wheel well liners cleaned & agitated with various detailing brushes
  • Entire vehicle “snow” foamed with a thick layer of citrus based shampoo
  • Hand washed using the 2 Bucket Method with Grit Guards®
  • Paint dried using a plush & dense microfiber towel
  • Excess water blow dried – with warm, filtered air – from crevices, door jambs, mirrors, & trim
  • Exterior paint & windows clay barred to remove embedded contaminants
  • Chemical decontamination – a pH balanced iron remover
  • Paint finish perfected via paint correction to remove any swirls, scratches, etc.
  • Tires & wheel wells get dressed to a deep, black finish (water based, sling-free)
  • Two (2) coats of ServFaces Coat Ultima (base) and one (1) coat of FINAL (top) applied to the paint and head/taillights

coupes & sedans


time required: 3-4 days
  • Durable up to 5 years
  • 2 layers applied + FINAL
  • paint correction included
  • Ottawa’s FIRST AND only installer
  • No need to apply a wax



time required: 4-5 days
  • Durable up to 5 years
  • 2 layers applied + FINAL
  • paint correction included
  • Ottawa’s FIRST AND only installer
  • No need to apply a wax