headlights restoration – can barely see at night?

Headlights face a lot of daily abuse such as, road salt, bugs, rock chips, UV rays, high heat (due to HID bulbs), and so on.

If left unprotected, polycarbonate headlight lenses will eventually turn dull and oxidized; resulting in a reduction of light output hence compromising safety and appearance.

Why Choose Us? What differentiates us from others is that we use a semi-permanent OEM hard clear coat headlight UV coating – not a wax or polymer sealant – for polycarbonate lenses that lasts for years which prevents the yellowness/oxidation to reappear.

Exterior Process
  • Headlights cleaned and perimeter taped off
  • Various grit Meguiar’s sandpaper discs used to remove old, failing O.E. UV coating
  • IPA (alcohol) wipe down to remove any oils and residue
  • One (1) coat of special clear OEM grade UV headlight hard coat applied to restore clarity and protection

2 headlights


time required: 1 hr.
  • Perimeter taped off
  • Failed OEM coating removed
  • OEM UV hard coating applied